33rd National Veteran Wheelchair Games

Wall of InspirationDeron Mikal and John Bologa from Post #196 IMG_0115Command PostOn Saturday and Sunday, Post 196 members Deron Mikal, John Bologa and I spent several hours at the games in the Volunteer Check In and the Command Post.  I learned that the athletes are allowed to compete in up to 5 different events and most of them do.  On Sunday I met an athlete named Paul Miosek from New York State who was at the games alone.  His wife and he agreed that he would participate in the games as he has done in the past and miss his twelve-year-old twin boy’s birthday.  Paul competed in softball, air gun and some field events.  He is a Desert Storm Veteran and we wish him luck in all his events.  Go Paul!

I also talked to an athlete named Jessie who is scheduled to compete in the Water Ski Exhibition today and weight lifting competition directly afterward.  Good luck Jessie.  Don’t worry about your hair being wet.  It won’t affect the weigh in that much.

The volunteer duty was easy and fun.  The games may be back to Tampa Bay in the future, but we “Seized the Day in Tampa Bay” in 2013 and made sure we signed the Wall of Inspiration with our sincere hope for successful games here in Florida.  May all the athletes who compete during the 2013 games have a great time in Tampa Bay and visit us again soon.

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