New Mission Statement and Motto

The Polish Legion, Department of Florida is considering a new Mission Statement and Motto. You can comment and make suggestions.  Check it out.  Members – let me know if one of the mottos below will work for us or make a suggestion of your own and send it to me.

Department of Florida Mission Statement


The Polish Legion of American Veterans (PLAV) is dedicated to supporting the nation’s 

 Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospitals through service hours and donations.  By  

logging service hours in support of our nation’s veterans, we provide real answers to the 

 unique problems veterans face after leaving the Armed Forces.  Through our financial 

 contributions and gifts provided by members, we work to accomplish a goal of comfort 

 and dignity that we believe all veterans are deserving of.  We provide support to local  

youth oriented projects that are shaping our nation’s future leaders and soldiers by 

recognition, scholarships, and monetary rewards for sustained performance by students 

in high school ROTC programs.  The Polish Legion welcomes all veterans to attend 

 meetings and social events and encourages them to join our organization.

 Mottos we are considering:

1.  Support and Serve Veterans

 2.  Supporting Veterans through Service

 3.  Honoring, Serving  and Supporting Veterans


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